B.K. Boes Headshot

ABout B.K. Boes

Her grandmother’s filing cabinet, full of stories from when she was a little girl, is proof that B.K. Boes has always written stories. It was a fun hobby, a way to let her imagination roam free.

She thought when she grew up she had to find something more serious and grown-up-like to do, but those things didn’t make her happy. She wasn’t a seamstress, a scrapbook aficionado, or a salesperson, and eventually, she realized, through the encouragement of her husband, that she was, indeed, a writer.

Her love of story was restored, and then her dreams began to grow, as did her well of worlds and characters waiting for her to draw them up and out and spill them onto the page. The world of Leyumin, and all the stories that take place there, is the first of these worlds to become fully realized. The little girl who wrote all those stories grew up to be a storyteller, after all. And she’s discovered that grown-ups can have dreams too.